⇒ Top 5 Festival to Visit in Florida 2021

Florida is the City full of festivals that occur mostly in January, February, and March! The Florida Calendar indicates the pirate festivals and the calendar of harvest festivals, which occurs worldwide.

Here is the list of the top five festivals that you should not miss out on in the year 2021! Still, you have a question in mind that, "I don't know how to go about the budget?" Then, you can Book Cheap Flights to Florida! Surely it can help you save money at the best!

But let's first explore the top festivals in Florida and its brief explanation regarding them!

⇒ Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

The festival takes place from May 14 to May 16. It is the massive show which consists of high-quality art. It takes place in the most beautiful and historic community surrounded by the big shade trees and activities to entertain the various ages and interests.

⇒ Waterlily Celebration, Vero Beach

It occurs on June 19. In June, waterlilies are in total full bloom, and the Mckee Botanical Gardens is one of the most special historic gardens. The garden in Vero Beach is opened during this festival, and one can fully enjoy the Vero Beach festival enthusiastically. The children's garden is also one of the worth watching spots during the festival. Grab the opportunity to attend this festival!

⇒ Mango Days of Summer

↔ If you are a cooking lover, this one is surely for you. The festival occurs in July. The festival includes cooking demos and virtual lectures, including the selling of the plants and various educational programs included.

⇒ Sing Out Loud Music Festival

Music lovers? Do not miss the chance to have a taste of this festival too! It occurs in September. The festival occurs at various places all around St.Augustine in September. Its quite a talk of the town among the locals as well as the tourists.

⇒ Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel occurs in December from 2-5. It is an international art fair, which displays all the art galleries present all around the world. Additionally, it has a street art festival which consists of an event which is surely not cheap. Finally, it has festivals which include the Miami Art Week.

The Ticket is a bit expensive. The Ticket starts at $65, which is surely not that cheap. But do not worry! You can surely save on the tickets. So, grab the opportunity to buy the Cheap Flights to Florida at just one go!

So above are the top five festivals of Florida which are worth visiting! Florida is the land of festivals, and surely time to explore the best festivals and make a quick plan with family, friends, or solo traveller.

Time for some fun festivals in Florida!

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